How To Invest 100k In Real Estate Today

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Underground and earth-sheltered living is all the rage these days. Disney CEO Robert Iger at FOX Studios on September 24, 2013 in New York City. Skyscrapers in New York City financial district, Lower Manhattan. 14, 2011, file photo, billionaire investor Warren Buffett speaks in Omaha, Neb. This story appears in the November 8, 2016 issue of Forbes. 5 trillion is sitting in individual retirement accounts, the bull market is looking tired, and the Internal Revenue Service’s army of auditors has been shrinking. So the temptation to get creative with IRA money has never been greater and the marketing pitches never more pervasive.

But the tax rules surrounding self-directed IRAs are tricky, the penalties for violations can be punishing, and the IRS recently started requiring custodians, in their annual filings, to flag accounts holding alternative assets. At the same time Congress’ Government Accountability Office is studying self-directed IRAs to see how they’re used and if more restrictions are needed. Baker, 37, has spent a decade building a national practice advising owners of self-directed IRAs. He sees both the potential and the peril. 50 million IRA largely through private equity investments. 10 million tax-free retirement kitty by buying raw land on the edge of a Midwestern city, selling at a profit and investing in more land. Baker says, adding that his typical client prefers investing in areas where he has expertise over investing in the broad stock market.

How To Invest 100k In Real Estate Easily

Seattle lawyer Warren Baker coaches clients on how to stay safe while investing IRA money in startups like football helmet maker Vicis. Example: One client, an engineer, used his IRA to invest in Vicis, a three-year-old Seattle company that has developed a high-tech football helmet to reduce head injuries. 20 million–includes dozens of doctors, current NFL players and Roger Staubach, the legendary Dallas quarterback turned real estate entrepreneur. Baker estimates that half of those with self-directed IRAs are violating one or another IRS rule, usually without even realizing it. 400-an-hour lawyers like him for safety lessons.

Instead, he says, those without a good investment reason to hold alternative assets should stick to conventional IRAs. Baker and his law partner and wife, Angela Carr Baker, earned their LL. University of Washington School of Law in 2005, then hung out their shingle. Still got the urge to invest in a self-directed IRA?

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