How To Invest In Bond Funds Today

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HL Select Funds Our HL Select Funds aim to offer an innovative investor experience. A fund is an investment that pools together the money from many individuals. Which accounts can I invest in? How do I buy a fund? Once you have opened an account, it is straightforward and secure to place a deal. Log in to your secure online account or call our experienced dealers on 0117 980 9800. Find your fund online and enter the value you’re looking to invest.

Alternatively, provide your dealer with these details by telephone. When dealing online, you will also need to enter your trading password. The details of the deal will be provided for you to check. Confirm you’re happy with the fund name and value to be invested and the deal is done. We will send you a contract note either by post or you can download it online – whichever you prefer. What is the difference between income and accumulation units? With income units, income is paid out to fund holders as cash.

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This could provide the investor with an income stream or the cash could be reinvested to buy additional units. With accumulation units income is retained within the fund and reinvested, increasing the price of the units. Generally, for investors who wish to reinvest income, accumulation units offer a more convenient and cost-effective way of doing so. Funds are priced based on the value of their underlying holdings. Most funds will calculate and publish a price every working day.

The vast majority of funds price each working day at noon. The pricing system means that when you place a deal it will be traded at the next available valuation point, typically noon the next working day. This means that you will not know the exact price that you will buy or sell at when you place the deal. To check when your funds value please see the valuation point on the key features tab of the fund’s factsheet. Our website offers information about investing and saving, but not personal advice. If you’re not sure which investments are right for you, please request advice, for example from our financial advisers.

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