How To Invest In Clean Meat In 2019

Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. That’s what the chart will help you do below! Instead of using an electric knife or a butcher knife to cut through meat, a meat slicer makes this task a simple chore to complete. It sits securely on your counter and has a saw-like slicing mechanism that makes fast work of a chunk of deli meat, a how To Invest In Clean Meat you’ve just cooked, or that chicken breast you’ve pan roasted.

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What Are the Advantages of a Good Meat Slicer? Who doesn’t love a good sandwich every now and then? A grilled panini, a hot ham and cheese, or just a classic reuben are all staples of the typical deli. When you’ve got a good meat slicer in your kitchen, you get to bring the deli experience home with you every day. A good meat slicer will also help you create less overall food waste in your home because you’ll be able to recycle leftovers into more dishes. Leftover chicken thighs can be sliced and made into a beautiful chicken Alfredo pasta. A leftover chunk of a London broil can be made into a stunning spicy beef stir fry thanks to your meat slicer.

Less waste means less cost as well, plus you’re being environmentally conscious! The final advantage is that you can do your own butchering at home to save on your typical cuts of meat. Create your own pork chops, cut your own steaks from roasts, or cut strips of fresh meat so that you can dry them in a food dehydrator. You can even use them to shave potatoes, fresh vegetables, and even reclaim your kitchen if arthritis or joint inflammation has stolen your ability to chop with ease. Most slicers have a 7 inch blade that is used in home models, but you may find some as large as 11 inches.

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The reason why this needs to be considered is that this size is the limit of the food you can slice. If your food is 8 inches in height and you’ve got a 7 inch blade, then part of your product won’t come into contact with the slicing mechanism. The types of gears that your meat slicer has is also a very important consideration. This can be an extremely heavy appliance, so some manufacturers have moved from metal components to plastic or even nylon gears.

For the average home cook, carefully using a cheaper nylon or plastic equipped meat slicer will be fine, but for heavy use, always go with all-metal components. Having a meat slicer also means having food grade oil on hand to maintain the appliance. You’ll need to oil the components regularly to avoid having them break down on you. This creates extra time during the cleaning process, but you’ll be able to use your meat slicer for years to come thanks to these efforts.

The primary question that most people have about a meat slicer is this: does it slice more than just meat? Anything that is a fairly firm food item can be accurately sliced through this kitchen appliance. That means you can slice vegetables, some fruits, and even bread quickly and easily with this device. Even firm types of cheese can be quickly sliced!

So why invest into a meat slicer for the home? The obvious reason is for deli-style sandwiches at a fraction of the cost. 12 per week by owning a meat slicer. In this scenario, that means it would pay for itself without you changing your habits in less than 3 months in most instances! It’s the other uses of a meat slicer that make this a handy device. It’s particularly useful for folks who love to cook in their kitchen, but struggle with the actual chopping and cutting that a lot of prep work requires.