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Leaders committing to address discrimination and diversity from the C-Suite. Mean it and be consistent in terms of that being a priority. Understand what they want, how you can help them and follow up. Everyone has some of that power and needs to pass it on in a way that in the end, will benefit everybody. We just need more of them. Google’s handling of Damore’s case and Wojcicki’s comments are examples of what Wojcicki described as the first step in improving tech’s gender diversity issues for the long how To Invest In Funds Youtube: Leaders committing to address discrimination and diversity from the C-Suite.

The second step in bolstering diversity efforts, according to Wojcicki, is fostering employee-led groups within the organization, such as women’s, pride and ethnic-based groups, and making sure they have support. Third, Wojcicki said, is every employee, whether an executive, a manager or a recruiter, should be cognisant of who they empower when they’re hiring, giving a promotion or selecting who will work on new opportunities. Wojcicki and Forbes’ interview also explored reasons tech companies haven’t done more to address diversity issues sooner. Wojcicki pointed to the fast-moving nature of the industry, where high-growth companies often don’t pause to invest more energy in recruiting and hiring to ensure they are building inclusive teams. Wojcicki said, not only to ensure that women can be included in opportunities offered by the industry, but also so that innovations can be invented and shaped by a more diverse group of people. To achieve this, first, computer science should be a mandatory part of every person’s education, Wojcicki said.

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Second, when companies scout candidates, they need to do more to ensure that knowledge about their openings is made available to more people, particularly women and minorities, so firms can expand their applicant pools and make broader outreach a built-in, systematic part of their hiring process. Tech is as an incredible force that will change our world in ways we can’t anticipate,” Wojcicki said. Women are a really important part of the dynamic of tech,” Wojcicki added. I’m a San Francisco-based reporter on Forbes’ tech team.

I cover tech with an emphasis on the people, companies and innovations in the world of social and digital media. Before joining Forbes, I worked as a news writer and producer at The Wall Street Journal in New York. Enter to Win Cash for Christmas! Knowing how to deal with debt is easy—pay it off! Investing, however, isn’t quite so simple.

How To Invest In Funds Youtube

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