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0 400 An unknown error has occurred. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. Telus Mobility is a division of Telus which sells wireless services in Canada on its numerous networks. Koodo Mobile, which is targeted at high school, college and university students. 1G analogue mobile network for Alberta’s natural resources industries. It was the first mobile phone network in Canada. Analogue services became available to the general public in 1986.

In 1992, AGT launched North America’s first digital mobile network. Following the merger of Telus with BC Tel in 1999, Telus Mobility expanded its coverage to British Columbia. The company’s website went online on October 14, 1999. Telus offered landlines to customers affected by the AMPS network’s shutdown in rural areas, as digital signals are less reliable than analog ones in such areas. In February 2012, Telus launched its LTE network and it stopped selling CDMA devices, except those on clearance.

In 2013, Telus was approved by the Canadian government to purchase independent wireless carrier Public Mobile. On August 8, 2014, Telus shut down Public Mobile’s CDMA network after informing customers that they would need to buy phones compatible with Telus’ network. On March 31, 2015, Telus shut down its pager network. On January 29, 2016, Telus shut down its Mike iDEN network. On May 31, 2017, Telus shut down its CDMA network.

Telus Mobility partners with Bell Mobility to operate three different kinds of nationwide networks in Canada. 3G infrastructure is shared between the two carriers. Canadian provinces and territories, but it is not possible to drive in Canada between the Pacific coast and the Atlantic coast without going through areas without any cellular coverage, as there are gaps in cellular coverage in British Columbia and Ontario. LTE service for Telus launched on February 10, 2012 through a partnership with Bell. Canadian community without LTE coverage from TELUS.

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Canadian population by the end of 2016. As a consequence, Telus’ coverage will similarly expand. In April 2015, Telus announced that all of its wireless sites in British Columbia and Alberta will be upgraded to LTE. VoLTE is supported throughout Canada, except in Saskatchewan and parts of Manitoba. Used for extra bandwidth within cities and rural coverage. Main LTE Band used across the country. Also being used to provide LTE Advanced coverage.

Found in select markets, but being developed slowly in new markets alongside to provide LTE Advanced coverage. Telus’ product lineup mainly consists of smartphones but also includes a few feature phones. As of July 2017, smartphones are currently sold with one of operating systems preloaded: Android or iOS. Telus also sells several mobile broadband modems for use with its mobile broadband service. This service uses an LTE router which provides WIFI and LAN connectivity.

The router can be purchased outright, or it can be paid for with 24 equal payments added to the bill over two years. Telus Mobility sells a variety of voice plans. These include a fixed number of minutes plus unlimited calling on weeknights, weekends and with up to four other Telus lines on the same account. Caller ID and a basic voicemail for up to three messages are also included as calling features, although airtime is charged for accessing the latter. Partners Skype and Telehop offer long distance services for Telus Mobility customers. Telus offers several Internet-only and smartphone plans and add-ons for customers wishing to access mobile broadband.

Only one plan can be added per device, and certain plans are only available for certain devices. Use of either service on the Telus Mobility network requires a subscription to one of the provider’s data plans or add-ons. In 2007, Telus Mobility began selling in-house pay-per-download pornographic entertainment, including explicit pictures and videos, via its phones. Industry analysts described the action, the first by a North American wireless company, as a landmark move. Critics were quick to point out that there is no way of blocking incoming message fees and suggested Telus and Bell were price fixing as both had announced the fees simultaneously.

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