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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. Jump to navigation How To Invest In Graphene Before It Changes The World to search “Ion cannon” redirects here. For the network stress-testing application, see Low Orbit Ion Cannon. The concept of particle-beam weapons comes from sound scientific principles and experiments currently underway around the world. One effective process to cause damage to or destroy a target is to simply overheat it until it is no longer operational. Particle accelerators are a well-developed technology used in scientific research for decades. Charged particle beams diverge rapidly due to mutual repulsion, so neutral particle beams are more commonly proposed.

A neutral-particle-beam weapon ionizes atoms by either stripping an electron off of each atom, or by allowing each atom to capture an extra electron. The charged particles are then accelerated, and neutralized again by adding or removing electrons afterwards. The pulsed particle beam emitted by such a weapon may contain 1 gigajoule of kinetic energy or more. Defense Strategic Defense Initiative put into development the technology of a neutral particle beam to be used as a weapon in outer space. Neutral beam accelerator technology was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Proceedings of the Linear Accelerator Conference 1990, Los Alamos National Laboratory. Star Wars’ Beam Weapon Has Successful Space Test”. Neutral Particle Beam Accelerator, Beam Experiment Aboard Rocket”. Please forward this error screen to 67. Open Source at 20: What’s Next?

Remember three key techniques to be more effective in telling IT’s story to audiences such as line managers and top executives. Daimler Financial Services CIO Udo Neumann says you may be successful today, but unless you transform and innovate, that success will be gone. Security firm turned the tables on attackers targeting its chief financial officer in an email-borne financial scam. What to Look for in a Data Protection Officer, and Do You Need One?

The hiring of a data protection officer is a key element of compliance with GDPR, but it’s also an opportunity to differentiate your company. Strategies for recruiting IT talent are changing rapidly, and it’s not just about challenges. There are opportunities and benefits as well. All industries can learn from the retail sector’s work with artificial intelligence, and explore how AI can define product and service offerings while also improving the customer experience. Robotics use cases are endless, but the overhead of developing them is stymying progress. AWS Robomaker, announced at AWS re:Invent, with lowers the barriers so developers can spend more time innovating. Cloudera Chief Architect and Hadoop creator Doug Cutting says that the time has arrived for data privacy and ethics rules.

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Tis the season for holiday crafted phishes, scams, and a range of cyberattacks. Experts list the hottest holiday hacks for 2018. Among the unknowns: who is behind the breach and how many of the affected records have been sold or used by criminals. The massive amount of sensitive data being processed by SaaS applications requires new approaches to security, including cloud-based next generation firewalls. Move prompts questions about scope of intrusion and strength of company’s password hashing. Customers are constantly asking Amazon to help them accomplish more in less time at lower costs. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said the company is listening.

New Fancy Bear attack campaign lures victims with phony Brexit-themed document to deliver Zekapab payload. IT continues to lose control of technologies used in the enterprise. A recent report explains just how empowered end users have become, especially when it comes to communications and collaboration technologies. A new approach to data governance is needed in the age of big data, when data is scattered throughout the enterprise in many formats, and coming from many sources. Ransomware, DDoS extortion, and encrypted communications abound as cybercriminals in the region refine their tradecraft. What is the Main Obstacle to Security? Cloud adoption is growing, but how are organizations taking advantage of it?

Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier. Start by browsing through the topic questions below, then look at some of the linked articles or continue your search online with the links provided. Is it the optimal diet for humans? Is Europe’s opposition to genetically modified crops about science or economics?

Can molecular biological research of rare genetic disorders help provide keys to understanding cancer and other illnesses? Scientists who study behavioral epigenetics suggest that traumatic experiences such as the Holocaust or the Cultural Revolution in China actually affect the DNA handed down to the next generation. If so, how should we apply this idea? What is the molecular evidence that humans once interbred with Neanderthals? As men age, do they pass on genetic abnormalities to their children? Is personalized medicine based on our own genome the wave of the future? Is stem cell treatment really promising?

Will researchers really be able to use genetics to help us live both longer and healthier? How important is it to explore our solar system? What do we really know about the universe we live in? What happened in the “Big Bang? What have we learned about the universe from meteorites?