How To Live A Simple Life Without Money Nowadays

Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt The world behind a simple how To Live A Simple Life Without Money, in five chapters. Cotton Is King You can grow cotton in places where land and labor are cheap. You can grow it in places that are close to the countries — Colombia, Indonesia, Bangladesh — where the Planet Money T-shirt was made. Yet most of the cotton in the Planet Money T-shirts was grown in the U. Harvest In 2013, the farm will produce 13,000 bales of cotton — the equivalent of 9. Flowers’ farm also produces other crops.

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Some of the machinery and staff listed here also work elsewhere on the farm. Genetically modified crops are controversial, but not among U. And when it’s time to harvest the cotton, U. Just last year, Bowen Flowers, the cotton farmer in the video, bought five John Deere 7760 pickers. They’re the size of tanks, but are finely tuned, self-driving machines that sense the cotton plant stalks and twist off just the cotton puffs. Like the seeds, the pickers get more productive every year as the technology improves.

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