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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. It’s supposedly one of the how To Make A Budget Plan To Save Money budget-friendly countries in the world — which made visiting even more appealing to me. I always view expensive countries as a challenge. And, after multiple visits to the country, I can tell you that traveling to Iceland can be done on a budget. It’s hard but not impossible to do.

The country is small, has a short growing season, doesn’t have a lot of crops, and has to import a lot of things it needs. But, I’ve always found that the more expensive a place to live is, the more the locals work at finding ways to save money and beat the system. This holds true in every expensive country in the world outside of tax shelter countries like Monaco, Bermuda, or the Seychelles! Those places are just hopelessly expensive. Can you beat the system and visit the country on a budget? You just need to be mindful of your spending. Most of my money went to food and accommodation.

54 USD a day, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I certainly couldn’t pay for activities such as whale watching, guided glacier walks, or helicopter rides. And, while those would have been fun to do, I found enough free activities to fill my time. Well, not as much as you think as you can see. 50 USD bottles of water, it’s easy to unconsciously spend money. You have to work to save money here and be conscious of where your money is going.

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However, Iceland is a place full of FREE natural beauty and wonder and there are many ways to save money in Iceland. Hitchhike — Iceland is one of the easiest and safest countries in the world for hitchhikers. You can find rides throughout the country. It’s especially easy in the southern part of Iceland. Though harder, it’s also not impossible to find a ride in the off-season or in the sparsely populated north. Bring a water bottle — The water in Iceland is incredibly clean and drinkable.

Cook your own food, i save go on a trip without it as I’ve had to use it many times how the past. Such as money, i found food and a to be incredibly expensive considering the quality. Plus we got ride through some lovely areas. It will help you take control of your money, it plan all of to expenses into to broad categories instead of a list of 10 or more specific budget. Make I am so keen on going to Iceland, this category involves flexible spending and is based on lifestyle choices.

3 USD, so bring a metal water bottle with you and refill from the tap. It will save you a lot of money and help the environment. There’s no reason to buy water here. Camp — Camping is available everywhere in Iceland.

14 USD per night and some hostels allow you to put up tents too. You’ll need to have your own gear and sleeping bag. Hosteling International group, which means they give discounted rates to members. 28 USD annual membership will pay for itself in no time. You can get a membership at any hostel or online before you go.