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Please forward this error screen to host. 31 0 0 0 1 1. 883 33 19 33 19 33s-11. Posted on April 4, 2017, at 9:05 a. An additional analysis, conducted in partnership with a co-investigator on of the forthcoming project A Field Guide to Fake News, how To Make Fake Money Look Real several cases where fake news sites that were kicked out of one network simply moved to another in order to continue earning money. The research also reveals that content-recommendation ad units, which provide ads made to look like real news headlines, were by far the most common ad format on the sites reviewed.

They’re looking to see if it meets the minimum threshold: It’s not porn, it’s not hate or guns. Pablo Reyes, who runs fake news sites such as Huzlers. As long as the traffic is real and the ads are being served to real people, it’s never a problem. In the end, 62 sites had ads from at least one digital advertising network, with 29 sites running ads from more than one provider or network. Of the remaining 45 sites, 28 are now offline, four redirect to URLs that were already on our list, and one site no longer publishes fake news. That left a total of 12 sites with fake news but no ads.

View a spreadsheet with the list of fake news sites and their related advertising networks here. Its ads, such as the ones shown below, were found on 22 sites. Ads from Revcontent on a fake news site. MGID was on seven, Newsmax Feed Network was on five, Taboola was on four, and Earnify and Adblade were each on three. Eight sites had pop-under ads, which open in a separate browser window, but it’s not clear if these were all from the same ad network. Just before this story was published, the site removed the Amazon link and added Taboola. This addition is not reflected in our totals, the spreadsheet, or the below graphic, since it came after our review period.

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We tried to iframe an interactive here but your browser doesn’t want to display it. You can still click here to view it. We have some of the most stringent standards out there, and we perform millions of terminations and denials every year. The CEO of Earnify, Kyle Ryan, said he’s more focused on evaluating the traffic of a publisher than reviewing its content. If both parties are happy, there is no reason to exclude them. The stated goal of these sites that you sent us is to entertain through parody, we believe. Ryan of Earnify also said he considered the sites in his network to be satire, though the ones in question do not contain a disclosure.

The publishers accepted by Google and Taboola included the Burrard Street Journal, Huzlers, and the Business Standard News. Newsmax Feed Network, and MGID a list of sites using their ad modules, along with a request for comment. Trackers are snippets of code installed by websites to enable them to run ads from networks, and to gather data about their audience, among other things. The current tracker data was then compared with the ad trackers present on sites prior to November 2016, the month when concerns about fake news began to capture public attention. But this analysis provides data that shows which ad trackers disappeared after the fake news crackdown began. This was out of a total of 51 sites for which current and archival tracker data was available. All of these trackers are owned by Google.