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5 0 0 0 0 1h7a. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Zulrah how To Make Fast Money In Runescape 2007 a level 725 solo boss. The only way to get out of Zulrah’s shrine is through victory, death, logout or teleportation.

Note: Should you die in the fight with Zulrah, Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig will hold all of your items that were not protected upon death, making the fight extremely safe. However, if you die anywhere a second time without returning to her to reclaim your items, all items she was holding from your first death will be lost. Ranged, so use Protect from Missiles. Ranged, he will usually use Magic instead. Zulrah will switch to the red Melee, and then the turquoise Magic, and retain his original fighting style. The player should make their way to the west side of the island where one location will not have smoke.

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In addition, Zulrah will also use Melee attacks after spawning the smoke clouds. Throughout the fight, Zulrah will continually dive into the swamp, sending out a plethora of attacks before doing so. He will then emerge in a different area of the shrine in a different form and resume his attacks. Even though Zulrah has no Melee Defence on any form, Melee is discouraged as he has a melee damage reduction, and halberds are the only weapons that can reach him. Note: Zulrah will attack for a set amount of time before diving back into the swamp and reappearing in another area, in a different combat style.

The fight will always begin with the player in front of Zulrah in his green form, and start the battle in the north. Ranged and Magic in a set pattern. While in this form, Zulrah is weak against magical attacks. Zulrah will randomly attack with both Magic and Ranged, although he seems to favour magical attacks more often. While in this form, Zulrah gains increased magic resistance but is weaker to ranged attacks. During the magma form, Zulrah will stare at the player’s position for several seconds before whipping his tail at that area.

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