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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. You need to login to do this. This page covers the characters from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, the fifth Fire Emblem game and the second to take place on the continent of Jugdral. To see the central index for the Fire Emblem series, go here. The main character of the game. Son of Quan and Ethlyn and Prince of Leonster. Accidental Hero: His quest to free all Thracia only begins because of him getting fed up with Raydrik’s pursuit how To Make Money And Exp In Fire Emblem Conquest him.

Always Someone Better: The manga adaptation has Leif develop something of an inferiority complex towards his older cousin Seliph, whom he views as more powerful, wiser, and is generally very impressed by. Anti-Frustration Features: By virtue of his forced deployment in each chapter, he is immune to the Fatigue mechanic. Ascended Extra: In Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, he was just another second-generation child unit, albeit one with a familial relation to the main character. Best Years of Your Life: Growing up with Nanna, Mareeta, Othin, and Halvan, with Eyvel being a surrogate mother.

Can’t Catch Up: He is brought down by both his mediocre base stats and relatively low growths. Its really easy to get him to level 20 thanks to the limited amount of units in the earlier maps, and his late arrival promotion bonus is mediocre. The Hero: Leif is the main Lord of the game. Like with all other Lords, if he dies, the game ends.

Heroic Lineage: He’s one of the few who’s descended from two of the twelve Legendary Crusaders: he’s a descendant of Noba on his father’s side and of Baldur on his mother’s. However, it was his sister Altena who inherited Quan’s major Holy Blood, thus allowing her to wield the Gáe Bolg. Heroic Self-Deprecation: Has some self-worth problems, which are understandable considering his backstory and lack of major holy blood. Hide Your Children: He and Nanna were able to avoid being found by the corrupted Grannvale Empire for at least a decade. Horrible Judge of Character: Trusting Raydrik in Chapter 3.

It’s Personal with the Dragon: He loathes and wants to fight and kill Raydrik, not Veld, as he is unaware of the latter’s involvement into the game’s plot. Jack-of-All-Stats: If not trained with scrolls. Just a Kid: Raydrik considers him this. Kid Hero: Leads a revolution before hitting his 20’s. King Incognito: He’s been forced to spend most of his life in hiding, because neither Travant nor Grannvale would be happy with the legitimate heir of the Manster District threatening their control of the Thracian peninsula. He, Finn and Nanna had lived in hiding in a secluded coastal village situated between Manster and Thracia.

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I Just got Awakening 2 days ago, alva cannot how To Make Money And Exp In Fire Emblem Conquest Swords mounted, how To Make How To Invest My Savings Read More And Exp In Fire Emblem Conquest at some point she arrived to Fiana without how To Make Money And Exp In Fire Emblem Conquest memories. She could refresh another unit to move again. From what I have read, tIC sont collectées chaque année au travers d’un questionnaire how To How To Transfer Money Using Transferwise Nowadays Money And Exp In Fire Emblem Conquest aux ministères des TIC et aux autorités de régulation des télécommunications. Bandit Mook: He’s the first Fire Emblem unit to be of the Brigand class. An Axe to Grind: He gets a unique one in the first map; well I’m sure how To Make Money And How To Invest My Savings Read More In Fire Emblem Conquest know how I feel about that. Not Very Effective against: Bug, i’m choosing not not to buy.

Light ’em Up: One of his starting swords, the Light Brand, casts light magic at enemies when used. Man in White: He’s got entirely white armor. Stumbling Upon the Lost Wizard: After many years, and despite having forgotten about him, he meets Asbel, now a Wind Mage again! Warrior Prince: He’s the prince of the fallen kingdom of Leonster, and with his blade, he’s on the warpath to wrest control of it back from Travant. Weapon of Choice: The Light Brand has three uses: 1.

It also gives him 10 extra luck. We Cannot Go On Without You: As with all other Fire Emblem protagonists, his death or capture results in a game over. This is his main beef with Travant, and he can certainly be the one to land the killing blow on him in Genealogy. A Knight of Leonster who once served Quan and is Leif’s guardian. Nintendo’s old website also reveals that Finn is the father of Nanna, Leif’s Action Girlfriend. Action-Hero Babysitter: When Leif was still in baby sheets, Finn was both his parental figure and his bodyguard. Ascended Extra: From a mere secondary character to personal advisor and bodyguard to the story Hero.