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Think back on the last time you faced a major life decision. Did you put it off and pretend it wasn’t there? Or did you put all your options in front of you and choose the one that best aligned with your most important short term and long term goals? Given that you’re reading this article, it’s safe to say that you chose the second route. If you’re skilled at and enjoy communicating with others and you’d like to know how to turn that skill into a fruitful career, becoming a life coach might be a natural career path for you. If you’re looking to learn how to become a life coach, you’re not alone. Life coaching has become one of the fastest growing careers in America.

How To Make Money As A Life Coach Read on…

Here are the three basic steps you’ll need to take in order to make a full time career as a life coach. Before spending thousands of dollars on life coach training and spending even more money to open your own life coaching business, it’s best to make smaller investments in learning everything you can about life coaching before actually becoming one. It’s full of real coaching conversations and proven techniques to help bring out the best in your clients and further hone your skills as a coach. The reality is that all kinds of life circumstances can benefit from professional coaching, which is why there are career coaches, executive coaches, real estate coaches, retirement coaches, fitness coaches, etc.

Your job as a budding life coach is to find the niche that lights your fire. What motivates you to get up in the morning? This is one of the hardest questions you’ll ever answer. Are you passionate about helping the elderly achieve a sense of normalcy in their ever-challenging lives? Or are you particularly interested in teenagers and those riding the emotional roller coaster of adolescence? The important part is to understand why not. And as you continue to engage in this conversation with yourself, try and take notice of what kinds of individuals or life circumstances you find the most fascinating.

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