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Do you know where your clothes come from and how they’re being made? We say: It’s time for an ethical fashion revolution! The times where ethical designs, organic materials and fair production were hiding in the shade are over. And with the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018 just coming up, we thought it’s time to share a few thoughts on why it matters to know how our clothes how To Make Money In Berlin being made and where they come from. Berlin knows how to do ethical fashion right. Looking at the fashion industry as a whole, sustainable fashion is Berlin’s USP and has a worldwide reputation for being the hub of green trends in the textile sector.

Curious to see where Berlin’s most creative green fashion labels and store owners have set up shop? Then come on tour with us and visit ateliers, studios, unique boutiques, social projects and eco concept stores. Together, we meet the shop owners and designers and get an insight into their amazing work. Berlin is the mecca for anyone working or interested in green fashion. With a strongly connected scene, lots of industry-related talks and networking events and an array of opportunities to try yourself out, the city keeps drawing in sustainable clothing labels, upcycling designers and creatives from all over the world.

No wonder that large-scale events like the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin are gaining more attention year by year. Considering the boost in popularity and public awareness, it’s surprising that Berlin is the ONLY city where international sustainable fashion shows are running parallel to the conventional Fashion Week. Throughout the week, the global fashion scene will stream into the city – and will ultimately be inspired by the most future-oriented green labels and designers. We’re especially fans of the Ethical Fashion Show, because it presents some of the coolest eco-fair streetwear and casual labels, making it fun and wearable for everyone. And don’t miss out all the other cool events happening around Fashion Week – check our events calendar to get an overview.

How To Make Money In Berlin

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