How To Make Money In Retirement Today

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Check out the browser extension in the Firefox Add-ons Store. Maybe you’ve always dreamed about retiring when you hit 60—or even before you get your AARP card at 50. The essence is that you, and not an employer, get to call the shots on how you spend your days. On average, men stop paid work at age 64 and women at 62, government statistics show. Nearly half of retirees end up leaving the workforce earlier than they had planned, according to a recent report by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. That is often due to a layoff or an illness. But, encouragingly, a third speed up their exit because they can afford to.

Having a clear focus and a plan to retire early can be empowering. Maggie Mistal, a career and executive coach in New York City. That’s not to say that making an early exit is easy, though. The more ambitious your vision, the more important it is to start saving and planning as soon as possible and the more compromises between your current lifestyle and future goals you’ll likely need to make.

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Here are 12 key moves to make—from early in your career to your departure from the office—to turn your early-retirement dream into reality. LAY THE GROUNDWORK To buy yourself the freedom to retire early, adopt the right mind-set and financial plan as early as possible in your career. Amp Up Your Savings Strategy The first and probably most critical step if you really want to retire early is to assume a whole new attitude toward your finances. Every decision to spend money has to be a conscious tradeoff weighed against your goal. A little belt-tightening won’t do it. The goal, in short, is to live far below your means so that you can shovel away an outsize portion of your income.

To do that, make savings a nonnegotiable item in your budget, says O’Shea, and funnel all tax refunds and bonuses into your nest egg as well. Assumes withdrawals rise with inflation each year. Get creative about other money hacks that can help. Jennifer Owens, 39, of the Sacramento area, hopes to retire by age 45.

The corporate strategy worker gets pretax money deducted from her paycheck for childcare expenses, and when she gets reimbursed, that money goes straight into savings. Certainly you should treat yourself when you get a big raise or promotion. But also direct at least half of those additional dollars to savings, by having more money deducted from your paycheck or transferred from your bank account. The aim is to spend your dollars carefully but not feel deprived. The couple, who have no children, enjoy traveling but meticulously research the best deals and even pack food from home to whittle their travel meal bill.