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5 0 0 0 0 1h7a. 964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. The following guide details the paths you must take in order to complete the “Hero of Tatooine” quests. The reward for this long and sometimes arduous set of missions is a ring that will how To Make Money In Swg you from death once every twenty-three hours, but may only be used a maximum of 50 times. Note: The Altruism, Intellect, and Honor portions may be done as a group but ALL members must end each conversation at the same time.

10 -215 located inside the Squill Cave on Tatooine. The Hermit talks about how we live in some dark times with the Empire ruling the galaxy. After he talks for a bit, you have two responses. One makes you stand up for the Empire, the other has you agree with the old man. If you agree with him, the Hermit talks about how the world is in need of heroes to bring light to a darkened time. He says that if you’re going to be a true hero you must bear the marks of intellect, courage, honor, and altruism. First, a small task for you to prove yourself worthy of my challenge.

Within the depths of this cave, there lies an item which has been stolen from my home by the vile creatures that live here. I need to continue my studies. It is the skull of a squill. Find it, return to me, and will present to you the ways in which you can become the Hero of Tatooine. PC: I will do this for you. No other skulls in the cave will be targetable.

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Collect the skull and then return to the Hermit. Hermit: I see that you have returned, my child. PC: I have the skull you are looking for. You have proven yourself as worthy of my challenges. In order to deserve the Mark of the Hero, you must undergo four different tasks and gain the Marks of Courage, Honor, Intellect, and Altrusim. Which task and mark would you like to learn about? Hermit: To attain the Mark of Altruism, you must selflessly help a soul in need.

Somewhere, in the harsh desert heat, a farmer desperately cried outin need of a hero. Hermit: Somewhere on this desery planet, strife between ranchers and pirates rages on. Seek them out, choose the correct path, and the Mark of Honor shall be bestowed upon you. Hermit: You will gain the Mark of Courage by defeating a ferocious beast bent on terrorizing the world.

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