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Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Review steam mop brands Kmart, Kogan, Bissell, ALDI Lumina and Hoover on reliability, ease of use, value for money, effectiveness of clean, other features and attachments, ease of storage, plus overall customer satisfaction how To Make Money On Steam Fast 2018. Overall satisfaction is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. By default, brands with equal overall satisfaction ratings are sorted by the mean overall satisfaction score as rated by consumers. You can click the arrows at the top of any column in the table to sort by the results in that column. Canstar Blue and be taken to our referral partner to compare.

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You agree that Canstar Blue’s terms and conditions apply to this referral. If you click on a brand that our referral partner does not cover, you will be taken to a brand page on Canstar Blue. Canstar Blue research finalised in September 2018, published in September 2018. It was also a respectable four stars on other features and attachments. Mopping floors doesn’t really scream fun, and no matter how many times you do it, the floors tend to never stay clean for long. If you have children, pets or dirty shoes, your floors are back to their unclean state in no time, making the household mop a crucial tool for your family.

But there are so many steam mop brands out there these days, with an increasing array of different features and accessories designed to make the job of cleaning your kitchen, bathroom and living room floors even easier. So, which steam mops are best at their job? To offer some guidance on the subject, Canstar Blue has surveyed hundreds of Australian consumers who have recently purchased and used a new steam mop. Five brands featured in the final results, but only Kmart received a five-star review for overall customer satisfaction. Aussie lifestyle trends, and it has certainly wiped the floor with its competitors when it comes to steam mops, dominating some established brands in the floor cleaning space, such as Bissell and Hoover. It got four stars for other features and attachments. Kogan and Bissell had to settle for four stars overall, while ALDI Lumina and Hoover received three stars apiece.

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The one area where Kmart was marked down was where Kogan secured five stars, thanks to its wide line-up of extra tools. Bissell also achieved five stars on effectiveness of clean, alongside this year’s winner. To help you decide which brand will be best for your cleaning needs, and budget, here is an overview of the five brands that featured in our 2018 review, plus some that didn’t, followed by some tips on buying the right steam mop for your home. The store that has a growing online following with cheap and chic homewares and appliances, features just one steam mop.

It comes with a 250ml jug, and heats up in 45 seconds, which is a bit slower than some other brands. Replacement pads are also available for purchase. Kmart’s steam mop swept the nation with five-star reviews for overall satisfaction, as well as all other categories except for other features and attachments where it received four stars, which perhaps isn’t much of a downfall if all you’re after is steam cleaning your floors without any bells and whistles. The difference in price basically refers to how many attachments you receive in the package. Previous winner Kogan was still a standout performer in our steam mops review for 2018, with four stars for overall satisfaction and most other categories.

It was five stars for other features and attachments. Its range of steam mops is reasonably concise but features a large range of extensions and accessories to purchase. It comes with a washable pad for repeated use and brings a variety of attachments on offer to clean surfaces above the floor area, including counters, sinks and tile grout. Bissell was rated four stars for overall satisfaction, as well as for most other categories. It also received five stars on effectiveness of clean but just three stars on value for money in our 2018 review.

Special Buy’ range, the Lumina-branded steam mop is an elusive beast, but evidently a fair few consumers jump at the chance to put one in their trolley if given an opportunity. There are generally tweaks with each new release, so one year’s steam mop may be different to the next. ALDI was rated three stars for overall satisfaction and the same score for reliability and ease of storage. It achieved four stars on ease of use, value for money and effectiveness of clean, but just two stars for other features and attachments. Hoover is an iconic American brand that gave rise to brand names being used as normal words. Just get the hoover’ referring to any old vacuum cleaner? It was three stars for all other categories.

Karcher is a home appliance specialist, with five steam mops in its range. Karcher’s range will look right at home in your laundry. If you’re after a brand that blurs the line between professional and domestic cleaning, Karcher might be it. There is large range on offer, including one mop specialising in cleaning up hard-to-get pet hair. Most are of the stick variety and come with accessory kits to aid in cleaning not just floors but other surfaces such as windows, countertops and so on.