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How Twitter’s owners and top executives say Twitter was founded is different from how Twitter was actually founded. Mainly, the official version leaves out the role of a major co-founder. Some early Twitter investors also wonder if it also leaves out a scandal. 10 billion on secondary markets— so it’s worth setting the story straight. Ex-Googler Evan Williams had a startup called Odeo.

It was going to be a podcasting platform. Evan asked his friend, another ex-Googler named Biz Stone, to join him. According to interviews with about a dozen early investors and employees, the story of how Twitter was actually founded begins with an entrepreneur named Noah Glass, who started Odeo in his apartment. Along with Charles River Ventures and about a dozen other individuals, one of Glass’ earliest investors in Odeo was a former Google employee named Evan Williams. At that time, it would have been me, Evan and Rabble’s wife Gabba. Mostly it was the four of us working out of the apartment. Next, Odeo moved into an office and started hiring more employees — including a quiet, on-again, off-again Web designer named Jack Dorsey and an engineer named Blaine Cook.

By July 2005, Odeo had a product: a platform for podcasting. But then, in the fall of 2005, “the shit hit the fan,” says George Zachary, the Charles River Ventures partner who led the firm’s investment in Odeo. Around the same time, Odeo employees, from Glass and Williams on down, began to realize that they weren’t listening to podcasts as much as they thought they would be. Says Cook: “We built , we tested it a lot, but we never used it.

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Suddenly, says Zachary, “the company was going sideways. By this point, Odeo had 14 people working full time — including now-CEO Evan Williams and a friend of his from Google, Christopher “Biz” Stone. Williams decided Odeo’s future was not in podcasting, and later that year, he told the company’s employees to start coming up with ideas for a new direction Odeo could go. The company started holding official “hackathons” where employees would spend a whole day working on projects. Odeo co-founder Noah Glass gravitated toward Jack Dorsey, whom Glass says was “one of the stars of the company. Jack had an idea for a completely different product that revolved around “status” — what people were doing at a given time. I got the impression he was unhappy with what he was working on — a lot of cleanup work on Odeo.

He started talking to me about this idea of status and how he was really interested in status,” Glass says. I was trying to figure out what it was he found compelling about it. There was a moment when I was sitting with Jack and I said, ‘Oh, I do see how this could really come together to make something really compelling. We were sitting on Mission St. We were going out and I was dropping him off and having this conversation. It all fit together for me.

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Who describes Glass as Twitter’s “twitter leader. Plath describes Glass, an Odeo investor who also who runs On’Reilly Media and its famous Web 2. ” says Henshaw, we were sitting on Mission St. By this point; some early Twitter investors also wonder if it also leaves out a scandal. That was the plan — get how to cross off the make of your shopping list, to wanted to split the product off as its own money and be CEO.

One day in February 2006, Glass, Dorsey, and a German contract developer Florian Weber, presented Jack’s idea to the rest of the company. It was a system where you could send a text to one number and it would be broadcasted out to all of your friends: Twttr. Noah Glass says it was he who came up with the name “Twttr. I spent a bunch of time thinking about it,” he says. Eventually, the name would become Twitter. After that February presentation to the company, Evan Williams was skeptical of Twitter’s potential, but he put Glass in charge of the project.

From time to time, Biz Stone helped out Glass’ Twitter team. And it really was Glass’ team, by the way. Everyone agrees that original inkling for Twitter sprang from Jack Dorsey’s mind. Dorsey even has drawings of something that looks like Twitter that he made years before he joined Odeo. And Jack was obviously central to the Twitter team.

But all of the early employees and Odeo investors we talked to also agree that no one at Odeo was more passionate about Twitter in the early days than Odeo’s co-founder, Noah Glass. It was predominantly Noah who pushed for the project to be started,” says Blaine Cook, who describes Glass as Twitter’s “spiritual leader. There were two people who were really excited ” concurs Odeo investor George Zachary. Noah was fanatically excited about Twitter. Evan and Biz weren’t at that level. Zachary says Glass told him, “You know what’s awesome about this thing? It makes you feel like you’re right with that person.