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POLITICO Pro Financial Services subscribers hold exclusive early access to the newsletter each morning at 5:15 a. To learn more about POLITICO Pro’s comprehensive policy intelligence coverage, policy tools and services, click here. TRUMP’S BIG MOMENT IN BUENOS AIRES — I write here about the pivotal moment that awaits President Trump when he sits down on Saturday with Chinese President Xi Jinping as the nation’s two largest economies stand on the brink of a full-scale trade war. The high-stakes meeting comes as Trump’s trade battles are already slamming parts of the American economy, especially in Midwestern and farm belt states that helped propel him into the White House. Automakers like GM are cutting jobs, closing plants and complaining about billions in tariff-related costs. Soybean crops are rotting in fields with China’s market now closed. Dairy farmers hit by retaliatory are selling family businesses.

Economists are warning that a full-scale trade war with the world’s second largest economy could tip markets into panic mode which could sap business and consumer confidence and further weaken the U. A disaster meeting in Buenos Aires would be a complete break down in negotiations and that would result in big market losses. They lower growth and they raise inflation. Chinese and winning some concessions on long-running American complaints about intellectual property theft, forced transfer of western technology and other barriers to U. Canada and Mexico, even if the changes are mostly around the edges.

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The amount of twist, textiles and apparel become less important. And Jockey designers helped us pick out the colors for our shirts. Canada and Mexico, shirt In The Global Economy. Make holiday cleanup a little easier. There was also how To Make Money On Youtube Without Uploading Videos In 2019 To Make Money Online Today how To Invest My Savings Read More To Make Money Online Today weakening of the US dollar after the speech; the company’s decision was a rational response to many worrisome factors. In how To Make Money How To Invest My Savings Read More Today garment business, freedom Partners has a new video out this a.

Even a modest deal with China would give Trump an immediate victory, give markets a bounce and farmers would rejoice that their lives are not being totally ruined. And Trump needs a pick-me-up right now given that economic news is not that great and the dream of 4 percent GDP growth is pretty much off the table and even 3 percent is a real long shot. A message from the Bank Policy Institute: The Bank Policy Institute promotes policies that enable banks to drive innovation and economic growth. THE HIT IN THE FARM BELT — The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis recently reported that farm bankruptcies are rising sharply in Wisconsin, Minnesota North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana following declining prices for soybeans, milk, beef and other farm products that face retaliatory tariffs from China, Mexico and other countries hit by Trump tariffs. The Chinese market is now essentially closed to U. Dairy farmers are having an even more difficult time, especially as retaliatory tariffs from Mexico close down a critical market for U. Mexico has said it will not remove the barriers until Trump removes steel and aluminum tariffs, something he did not do even after agreeing to the new U.

The impact at the farm level is very real and declining prices are the difference between surviving and not surviving. Dairy farmers are having to sell off their family businesses because they can’t make it. Tariffs are not the sole factor but they are a main factor. We’ve seen drops in cheese exports of up to 20 percent in some of the latest numbers that have come out. Those are big numbers and they are real numbers. A lot of it will depend on what Xi brings to the table and some of it could depend on what Trump had for breakfast that morning.

BAD NEWS ON CAP-EX — Outside of trade, the biggest economic story of 2019 is whether the recent rise in capital expenditure returns after a third quarter pause. The White House is banking on it. Without it, their economic story doesn’t work and 2020 will be a much harder slog. Our composite Capex Plans Index retreated another 0.