How To Make Money Thrifting Today

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No, not every trip is going to yield a long-lost Picasso, but learning more about thrift store flipping just might give you the incentive to look a little closer the next time you’re checking out the local store. Then, simply do a little maintenance and repair if necessary, clean them up, and resell them. It’s impossible to guarantee a profit, but knowing what to go for can help increase your chances of making a buck or two from your hard work. Your smartphone is your best tool when thrifting for a profit. It acts as a pretty reliable barometer for an eventual selling price, and can give you a baseline to work from.

Not sure if that pottery is worth anything? Check for stamping somewhere on the piece, look up the stamp online, and see how that corresponds to resale value. Kovels is just one of many sites with a great directory of pottery stamps organized by shape and letter. If you have a piece of jewelry, you can usually find a stamp on the clasp or on the back of a pendant. Higher-end areas tend to amass higher-end thrift store hauls, so you might find better-quality and name-brand goods in those neighborhoods. Thrift stores constantly need to rotate their inventory because of donations.

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Therefore, many shops have a day or two each month where items are deeply discounted to make room for the next batch. The less you pay, the higher your profit after flipping. Always make sure an item can be cleaned before it’s sold. Check for stains and smells first, and turn away from any garments that need more than laundering or the application of a lint roller. Unless you get lucky, margins for thrift store flipping can be pretty slim. Therefore, anything that could cut into those margins should be avoided. Heavy or odd-shaped goods might work better for local resale, rather than online auction sites.

Ultimately, the amount you make boils down to your research. By confirming that an item is actually worth more than the thrift store price and that you can easily sell it at its higher value, you have a pretty good chance at scoring a profit. Just remember that shipping and listing fees should be factored into the final cost of each item you purchase with the intent to sell. Best Items to Turn a Profit1.

Generally, individual books aren’t a huge moneymaker, but book lots traditionally sell very well at online auction sites. Even if you find just one or two books from these box sets, they can bring in more than a typical paperback, since collectors could be looking to add to their current library. Keep an eye out for college textbooks as well, since students might donate them without checking their resale value. Not all are worth a gold mine though, so make sure you check going rates on auction sites before investing your money in what might be an outdated reference. Thrift stores often have their fair share of art, and buying a piece for resale can be risky. Luckily though, if you look past the painting, you can see the real opportunity: the frame. Picture frames are always in high demand, especially when they’re large or ornate.

When perusing racks of paintings, look closely at the frames and choose the ones in great condition. Larger frames are ideal for local sale, while smaller ones can be shipped to a happy new owner, with or without the painting. Video games can be nostalgic for gamers, and some popular titles and genres are in high demand. Games for the Atari 2600 and the Nintendo Entertainment System, on the other hand, can be in high demand.

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However, you can drive up the price of that clothing if you search for brand names or if you’re willing to put together a clothing lot. It’s a great way for buyers to get the status of a label they love without having to pay department store or boutique prices. You can also opt for a clothing lot, which can potentially bring in more cash through online auctions. For instance, assembling 10 maternity garments in the same size is likely to bring more interest than one shirt on its own. What’s more, you can often save on shipping costs when listing items as a lot, rather than selling them one at a time.

Glassware is long-lasting, so you can probably find a ton of it at your local thrift store. However, the difference between just another set of glasses and those that can generate real buyer interest is in their status as collectibles. Glassware lovers enjoy vintage Pyrex cookware, as well as glass in different shapes and colors, so keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. If you can’t find cool blue glass or decorated cookware, look for full glass sets. A set of tumblers is usually more of a local seller than mismatched glasses listed one-by-one online. Brand-new sporting goods are expensive, so as long as they’re in good shape and without wear, rips, tears, or deterioration, people are often eager to snag items secondhand at a thrift store to save money.

These are also great items to sell as lots, since a mom with a hockey-playing kid might be looking for all of the gear at once. You might be surprised at how much money diehard fans are willing to pay for records. When making purchases to flip, a general rule of thumb is that if it has a tag, buy it. In fact, there’s an entire subset of online auction shoppers who only purchase items that still have their tags as a way to display their newness and lack of use. It gives you access to a massive customer base and simplifies the selling process with online tools and a great mobile app.