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Citing an HIV positive test for a performer in May of that year, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors sought to find a sponsor for a bill to mandate condom use in adult films. Measure B was voted on November 6, 2012 and passed with 55. In 2012 proponents gathered 372,000 voter signatures through a citizens’ initiative in Los Angeles County to put Measure B on the 2012 ballot. Supporters of Measure B said it would stop the spread of STDs in the porn industry and protect tax dollars. The No On Government Waste Committee opposed Measure B claiming it would waste tax-payer money and drive the porn industry out of the state.

The Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News both editorialized in opposition to Measure B. Pornographic actress Nina Hartley, who has a degree in nursing, said: “Shooting scenes with condoms are noticeably more uncomfortable. She said they cause friction burns vaginally and anally, that they slip off and rip, and that they get stuck inside. They aren’t built to withstand our shoots,” she said. The financial and technical viability of this was challenged by an expert in videography in 2009.

Axel Braun, in his experience as a director and the owner of the post-production company Level 5 Post, reiterated this in 2014. In her first column for the OC Weekly, performer Tasha Reign reiterated Hartley and Stoya’s comments regarding the impracticality of imposing condoms on the industry. Reign said, “Want to know a dirty secret that Measure B proponents, who say what they did was in the interest of us supposedly helpless performers, never brought up? In November 2012, Vivid Entertainment CEO Steven Hirsch and pornographic actors Dahlia Sky, Penny Pax, Veruca James, Steven St. In the months after the measure passed, production companies began seeking shooting locations outside of Los Angeles County. A year after the passing of the measure, it was reported that prior to Measure B typically up to 500 permits would be applied for in Los Angeles County with FilmL. In 2013, applications were received for twenty-four permits.

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2014 One of the industry’s largest producers, Vivid Entertainment, has gone outside Los Angeles County since the law took effect. Co-founder Steven Hirsch said, “We will not be shooting in L. In September 2014, the Las Vegas Sun featured an article about the adult industry’s possible relocation from Southern California to Las Vegas. In June five adult actresses met with Hall’s district director, Heather Hutt, at the legislator’s office on Artesia Boulevard in Compton and presented 650 signed petitions asking that the Assemblyman withdraw his “condoms in porn” bill. We told we have our own self-regulation” “We told her we wanted to have our voices heard. They’d had no performer input on this.

About condoms and chafing and micro-tears, it didn’t seem like she really knew all the details of that. She compared it to a dentist being forced to wear gloves, and maybe it’s a little uncomfortable. She didn’t realize why we have to have sex from 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer, and why that was necessary. In the thirty-five minute meeting Director Hutt mentioned that in the 2012 election the most votes cast in any district in favor of passage of Measure B came from Hall’s district.

How To Make Money Without Measure

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In 2016, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation backed Proposition 60, which would have enacted a condom mandate similar to Measure B statewide. Proposition 60 was defeated at the polls. In January 2013, Universal City-based Vivid Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles County health department saying that the measure violated actors’ rights to free speech and expression. Judge Pregerson agreed that some of the provisions and language of measure were too vague and did not sufficiently explain condom use when other sex acts were being filmed.

He also questioned the manner of inspections to be conducted and agreed with the industry that their rights could be violated. Both sides considered the judgment a victory. Vivid Entertainment founder and co-chairman Steven Hirsch said in a statement that he is pleased with the decision regarding the enforcement questions, but plans to appeal the part of the ruling that upholds the measure. He stated, “We won most everything we sought to be determined unconstitutional with Measure B. On December 15, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s order denying a motion to overturn the Measure. While this intermediate decision allows that condoms may be mandated, it doesn’t mean they should be. We have spent the last two years fighting for the rights of adult performers to make their own decisions about their bodies, and against the stigma against adult film performers embodied in the statute.

Rather than protect adult performers, a condom mandate pushes a legal industry underground where workers are less safe. Today’s ruling is a total vindication of AHF’s position. We call on Los Angeles County for full enforcement of this law now. As the lower court said, they need to set fees based on actual cost. The porn industry has considered every option but following the law. Now it’s time to do what fifty-seven percent of Los Angeles County voters have asked of the industry—and what the courts have upheld as constitutional. He further stated that he hoped the adult entertainment industry will continue to appeal, taking the case to the U.

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