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Jump to navigation Jump to search This article is about the son of the British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill, Randolph Frederick Edward Spencer CBM1585. He was the only son of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and his wife, Clementine Churchill, Baroness Spencer-Churchill. He wrote the how To Withdraw Money From Bet365 two volumes of the official life of his father, complemented by an extensive archive of materials. Randolph Churchill was born at his parents’ house at Eccleston Square, London, on 28 May 1911. His parents nicknamed him “the Chumbolly” before he was born. He went to Sandroyd School and later admitted that he had had a problem with authority and discipline.

His headmaster reported to his father that he was “very combative”. Around this time his nickname in the family was “The Rabbit”. Winston, who had been neglected by his parents as a small boy, visited his son at prep school as often as possible. He remembered that he and Diana returned from ice-skating in Holland Park on 22 June 1922 to find the house guarded and being searched by “tough-looking men” following the assassination of Field Marshal Henry Wilson.

Winston gave his son a choice of Eton College or Harrow School, and he chose the former. As a teenager Randolph fell in love with Diana Mitford, sister of his friend Tom Mitford. Randolph was “a loquacious and precocious boy”. In April 1928 Winston forwarded a satisfactory school report to Clementine, who was in Florence, commenting that Randolph was “developing fast” and would be fit for politics, the bar or journalism and was “far more advanced than I was at his age”. In what would turn out to be his final report on leaving Eton, Robert Birley, one of his history teachers, wrote of his native intelligence and writing ability, but added that he found it too easy to get by on little work or with a journalist’s knack of spinning a single idea into an essay. Randolph went up to Christ Church, Oxford in January 1929, partway through the academic year and not yet eighteen, after his father’s friend Professor Lindemann had advised that a place had fallen vacant.

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In May he spoke for his father at the 1929 General Election. Randolph was already drinking double brandies at the age of eighteen, to his parents’ consternation. He did little work or sport at Oxford and spent most of his time at lengthy lunch and dinner parties with other well-connected undergraduates and with dons who enjoyed being entertained by them. Randolph dropped out of Oxford in October 1930 to conduct a lecture tour of the US. Contrary to his later claims, his father attempted to dissuade him at the time. Unlike his father, who had become a powerful orator through much practice, and whose speeches always required extensive preparation, public speaking came easily to Randolph. His son later recorded that this was a mixed blessing: “because of the very facility with which he could speak extemporaneously failed to make the effort required to bring him more success”.

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Randolph very nearly married Miss Kay Halle of Cleveland, Ohio, seven years his senior. His father wrote begging him not to be so foolish as to marry before he had established a career. Clementine visited him in December, using money Winston had given her to buy a small car. Clementine wrote to her husband of one of Randolph’s lectures “Frankly, it was not at all good” and commented that he should have had it well-practised by now, although she was impressed by his delivery. She went home in April 1931, having enjoyed Randolph’s company in New York. She would later look back on the trip with nostalgia. In October 1931 Randolph began a lecture tour of the UK.

Bentley, a more extravagant car than his father drove. In 1932 Winston Churchill had Philip Laszlo paint an idealised portrait of his son for his 21st birthday. Randolph reported from the German elections in July 1932. Randolph also became embroiled in the controversy of the February 1933 King and Country debate at the Oxford Union Society.

Randolph’s good looks and self-confidence soon brought him some success as a womaniser, but his attempt to seduce one young woman at Blenheim failed after she spent the night in bed for protection with his cousin Anita Leslie, whilst Randolph sat on the side of the bed talking at length of “when I am Prime Minister”. In the 1930s, Winston’s overindulgence of his son was one of several causes of coolness between him and Clementine. Clementine told Randolph she hated him and never wanted to see him again. In March 1935, he sponsored an Independent Conservative candidate, Richard Findlay, also a member of the British Union of Fascists, to stand in a by-election in Norwood. Having blamed Baldwin and the party organization for his loss, he libelled Sir Thomas White.

Randolph Churchill was an effective manipulator of the media, using his family name to obtain coverage in newspapers such as the Daily Mail. In September 1936, at his father’s behest, Randolph pursued his younger sister Sarah to the US in a vain attempt to dissuade her from marrying the much older comedian Vic Oliver. Lady Houston had backed Randolph’s three attempts to stand for Parliament. He was better backed financially than his father had ever been. This support came to a halt when she died late in 1936. Freddie Birkenhead remarked that he was “unbowed but bloody as usual”.

Virginia Cowles first met Randolph in New York in the early 1930s. He helped her to get a visa to report from the USSR in February 1939. She praised his courage but wrote of him that “going out with him was like going out with a time bomb. Wherever he went an explosion seemed to follow. Randolph Churchill joined his father’s old regiment, the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars, in August 1939. He was one of the oldest of the junior officers, and not popular with his peers. On the outbreak of war Randolph’s father was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty.