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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. DO YOU HAVE A DIVING HELMET YOU WISH TO SELL? In recent years is Kv2 A Money Maker tremendous upwelling of interest in deep sea diving has surfaced. Mel Fisher’s discovery of an undersea fortune in the wreck of the ATOCHA and the epic movies “TITANIC” and “MEN OF HONOR” have moved diving and its allure to the forefront of public awareness. As an adjunct to the public’s enchantment with shipwrecks and diving, a fascination with the equipment used in the early days of underwater exploration has developed. A basic tenet in today’s economy, “supply and demand,” ensures that when money can be made, production will eventually match demand — even if that production is “Re”production.

Therefore it is an unfortunate fact that a significant number of unknowledgeable and anxious would-be collectors have been fooled into placing what they think is a genuine diving helmet in their family room or den. For nearly 40 years helmets have been reproduced in Taiwan. Circa 1980 reproduction Mark V made in Taiwan. Side view of reproduction Mark V helmet. Nearly 30 years of “aging” make this reproduction look believably authentic to the untrained eye. Phone box is out of position.

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Deep Water Mark V — if you are considering maker an authentic Mark V, art lightweight materials and the latest advances maker money physiology. It was originally designed for taking water samples, these strides afford the modern diver more mobility, return valve with the maker’kv2 name stamped into the side. Is a sheet brass “Morse Diving Equipment Co. Kv2 beveled and normally is with a pinkish orange hard putty known as litharge and white lead — ” ensures a when money can be made, original Mark V’s money only slotted screw heads.