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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. If you are a visitor of this website: Please try again in a few minutes. Cloudflare monitors for these errors and automatically investigates the cause. This section possibly contains original research. Car Wash is a 1976 American comedy film released by Universal Pictures. The Art Linson Production was directed by Michael Schultz from a screenplay mobile Car Wash Business Name Ideas Joel Schumacher.

Originally conceived as a musical, Car Wash deals with the exploits of a close-knit, multiracial group of employees at a Los Angeles car wash. It causes employees, customers, and the owner of the car wash, Mr. George Carlin appears as a taxi driver searching fruitlessly for a prostitute who stiffed him for a fare. The prostitute, Marleen, has her own hopes shattered as a customer with whom she apparently has fallen in love has given her a false telephone number. Mona, who works as a waitress in a diner across the street, to accompany him. Floyd and Lloyd are musicians who have an audition for an agent at the end of their shift and spend the entire movie doing their jazz-blues dance moves in front of bewildered customers. Justin clashes with his girlfriend, Loretta, who wants him to go back to college, but he refuses out of the feeling that a black man like him will not get anywhere in the world with any kind of education.

Justin’s elderly grandfather, Snapper, works as the shoe shine man at the car wash and is a follower of Daddy Rich. B is constantly tense and worried throughout the film as he fears about his car wash going out of business due to a competitor a few miles down the street. Lonnie, on the other hand, is full of ideas on how to save the car wash that he cannot get Mr. Later at the end of the movie, Abdullah, after being fired by Mr. B for his unexplained absences, appears in the office with a gun while Lonnie is closing up, intending to rob the business. Lonnie talks him out of it, and the two commiserate at the status society has imposed on them: two proud men forced to work at a meaningless job for meager pay.

Mobile Car Wash Business Name Ideas In Our Generation

It’s a melancholy ending to the day as they all go their separate ways, knowing that they’ll be back tomorrow to do it all over again. Sully Boyar as Leon ‘Mr B. Though they had speaking roles, nearly all of their scenes were deleted from the theatrical version and they are only seen in the background. The film also featured the speaking voices of local L. Originally the project was intended as a stage production, which would feature a replicate car wash on stage. The hope was that, if successful, the project could be adapted as a movie. Upon telling the idea to then head of Universal Ned Tanen, the producers were persuaded to make the film version instead.

Unusual for film production, the sound track was recorded prior to filming of the movie. The director wanted the actors to actually listen to the same music that would later be added in Post Production while filming the scenes. Gay film historian Vito Russo cites the character Lindy, played by Antonio Fargas, as being both funny and challenging through his gay militancy. Russo deems Lindy’s response to the militant Abdullah as being potentially revolutionary had it not been placed strictly within a comedic context. B Top Ten singles: “Car Wash”, “I Wanna Get Next to You”, and “I’m Going Down”. Car Wash had its network television premiere on NBC Monday Night at the Movies in 1978. Archived from the original on 2011-09-24.

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