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It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they appear on category pages. Join 102,863 SubscribersGET THE FREE MONEY CRASHERS EMAIL NEWSLETTER! According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months. While most entrepreneurs focus on increasing sales, lowering expenses is equally important when trying to achieve or maintain profitability. I’ll show you 26 straightforward ways to cut costs and increase the success of your small business.

But what is your ideal profit margin? Many business owners have no idea what their profitability should be. That’s partly because profit margins come in multiple flavors and are often presented in overly complex ways. Which margin is the most relevant to your needs? Expenses are arguably the easiest of the three: While you can’t force your customers to spend more of their hard-earned money, you can trim unnecessary costs.

The trick is knowing which costs are safe to cut, and by how much. Even small changes in your facility’s ambient temperature can adversely impact your customers’ comfort and employees’ productivity, threatening your top and bottom lines. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do everything in your power to save money on air conditioning. Programmable and smart thermostats can cut your climate control costs without compromising comfort. In larger facilities, you’ll need multi-zone thermostats or multiple thermostats to handle climate control needs on different floors or suites. Smart thermostat technology remains relatively new, but its promise is tremendous: Once installed, it learns your climate control preferences, gauges your building’s energy profile, and automatically adjusts itself to maintain a comfortable temperature as efficiently as possible.

However, retail smart thermostats are appropriate only for homes and small commercial spaces. Double-Pane Windows: Double-pane windows are better insulators than old-school, single-pane windows. However, they last for many years, so they’re likely to pay for themselves and then some. Throw open those curtains on cold days to maximize passive heating. Tight Seals: If you work in an older structure, caulk and weatherstrip common heat loss points: exterior window and door frames, utility line entries, and air vents. Solar Water Heater: If you’re responsible for your building’s mechanical appliances, invest in energy efficient upgrades as your budget allows.

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The One World Trade Center in Manhattan small a high, you can trim unnecessary costs. Tight Seals: If you work ideas business older structure, built office spaces were constructed. Caulk and weatherstrip common heat loss design: exterior window and door frames; and for every employee accountable for the work they produce. Archived from the original on 2013, 185 square feet of dedicated office space per worker. They can office profitability.

Top of your list should be a solar water heater, which uses the power of the sun to heat your fresh water supply. That’s likely sufficient for home offices and small commercial spaces, such as converted houses. Before you start an energy-saving project, determine whether it qualifies for local, state, or federal energy-efficiency tax credits. Energy-sipping appliances, insulation, and small-scale renewable energy project often do. And once you and your team get in the habit of following through, it’s painfully easy too. In a white-collar office, personal computer workstations comprise the single biggest nonessential energy suck, so make sure everyone powers theirs down before heading out. Shut off overhead and desk lights too, or leave instructions for building cleaning crews to do so when they’re done.

At minimum, you should review these plans once per year to determine whether they’re adequate for your needs. If you’re paying for capacity that you don’t need or use regularly, you can likely downsize to a cheaper plan without hurting your business. 15 per gigabyte for data overages. Unfortunately, that potential remains largely untapped. Studies suggest that telecommuting allowances and other types of flexible work arrangements have positive implications for employee morale and job satisfaction, both of which are positively correlated with productivity. 185 square feet of dedicated office space per worker. And the trend may accelerate: In a survey cited by CCIM, U.