Should I Invest In General Electric Stock Nowadays

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Friday’s positive employment figures trumped negative tariffs, Jim Cramer told his Mad Money viewers. That trend could continue into next week, but only if companies can deliver on earnings. Cramer said his game plan starts on Monday with the latest Consumer Price Index and Producer Price Index data out of China. He said these numbers have become increasingly important, as China’s economy may not be as strong as the Chinese lead us to believe.

He was far less optimistic about Nordstrom’s investor day however, as the retailer continues to struggle. Cramer said will be the first test of the recent strength in the defensive stocks. We’ll also get the latest U. Producer Price Index data which, also with the Producer Price Index on Thursday, will let us know how aggressively the Federal Reserve will need to raise interest rates.

Can the banks make money with a flattening yield curve? Cramer said it’s getting harder, but the blow should be cushioned with dividends and buybacks. Find out what they’re telling their investment club members and get in on the conversation with a free trial subscription to Action Alerts PLUS. 2016 highs and was just recently booted from the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Cramer said, at least, it’s finally time to give his opinion. To be clear, Cramer said former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt left the company in a terrible state.

Not only were its financials completely opaque, both management and the company’s board of directors should have seen the problems clear as day. In addition to the problems at the company’s long-term care division, where GE failed to accurately calculate costs and life expectancies, the company also made a number of bad calls, like selling NBC Universal and Synchronicity near the bottom, while snapping up oil assets near the highs. Even with the dividend cut in half, many investors fear more cuts are coming. But Cramer said new CEO John Flannery has a plan, and it’s a good one. GE said it will spin off its healthcare division as well as sell its interest in Baker Hughes. The remaining company will be a pure-play on aviation, power and renewable energy — all areas with synergies that make sense. Cramer said Flannery’s goals seem achievable and Flannery himself seems like the right man for the job.

Should I Invest In General Electric Stock

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