What Profession Do You Earn The Most Money

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Some professions allow you to gather certain resources from the environment, while other professions allow you to craft certain Items. One of the main reasons for leveling a profession is to earn kamas. Your character’s carrying capacity will also increase for each level you gain in your profession. In a gathering profession the player harvests a type of resource directly from the environment. This resource can either be sold as is or processed by the gatherer into a new resource and then sold.

For example, a Farmer harvests wheat and can either sell the wheat or create flour from the wheat and sell the flour. The focus of the gathering professions is to gather ingredients which are used in the crafting of various items. The gathering professions are: Alchemist, Farmer, Fisherman, Hunter, Lumberjack and Miner. In a crafting profession the player, following learned recipes, creates an item which can either be equipped or consumed. In fact, the vast majority of equipment and consumables that you will run across during the game were crafted by other players. A crafter requires a variety of ingredients obtained by a gathering profession, and this can make a crafting profession expensive to practice if the player is not harvesting its own ingredients. For the Artificer, Carver, Jeweller, Shoemaker, Smith and Tailor professions, there is also a specialization related to that profession.

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Breeder, catching Mounts and breeding them. Even though being a Breeder involves a lot of work and time, no profession slot is used in becoming a Breeder so it isn’t classified as a profession. In fact it seems more of an advancement on the duties associated with taking care of pets. Pet Trainer, raise multiple pets at the same time and sell them when they reach a certain level.

Every character starts with all professions at level 1. The maximum level of a profession is 200. While you can continue to gain Job Experience, no further bonuses or recipes are gained past level 200. Non-subscribers cannot advance in professions past level 60. Former subscribers with a profession level of 61 or higher are treated as only being level 60.