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1 trillion in assets under management. Founder and former chairman John C. Bogle is credited with the creation of the first index fund available to individual investors and has been a proponent of and a major enabler of low-cost investing by what Vanguard Funds To Invest In 2015. In 1951, for his undergraduate thesis at Princeton University, John C. Bogle conducted a study in which he found that most mutual funds did not earn any more money than if they invested in broad stock market indexes. Immediately after graduating from Princeton University in 1951, Bogle was hired by Wellington Management Company. In 1966, he forged a merger with a fund management group based in Boston.

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Bogle arranged to start a new fund division at Wellington. He named it Vanguard, after Horatio Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of the Nile, HMS Vanguard. The Wellington executives prohibited the fund from engaging in advisory or fund management services. Growth in assets accelerated after the beginning of the bull market in 1982, and other mutual fund companies began to copy the indexing model. These copy funds were not successful since they typically charged high fees, which defeated the purpose of index funds. In December 1986, Vanguard launched its second mutual fund, a bond index fund called the Total Bond Fund, which was the first bond index fund ever offered to individual investors.

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