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A society is a group of people who interact with each other via a shared role or network. It may also refer to a social group that shares the same geographical location and is part of the same culture. Why are boys considered being more important than girls? Men are larger, stronger and have more physical endurance thanwomen. Forsimilar reasons they were the hunters.

What is the birthday of Henry Sampson? How did Rubin Hurricane Carter get the nickname Hurricane? He was a boxer with a big punch and an aggressive style, so he wasgiven the nickname. The three largest countries in population size in the North Africa Southwest Asia realm are? What is the population of the viperfish?

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How do Muslims believe in peace? Muslims are those who love peace. It is only when there is a needto attack the enemy do they fight. The terror groups who claim to fight in the name of Islam areactually not Muslims, despite their claim to be. Some might argue that traditional good looks are not an indication of a person’s real attractiveness? Did Thomas Crapper have a wife?

Apparently her maiden name was Maria Green. She was born in1837 and died in 1902. What were the social movements of the 1980’s? The social movements mostly focused in finding treatment for AIDSwhich was discovered in the 1980’s, people held rallies to pressurethe government into finding a cure for AIDS. The 80’s also was atime of indulsterial advancment and this caused events withemployment. Can i have the answer to what kind of plane amealea hirherat flew?