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Access to this page has been denied because we believe you are using automation tools to browse the website. Millennial men take bigger risks, aiming for bigger returns. A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Millennial women are staying away from risky investments like cryptocurrentcy. Millennial men don’t mind risky investments such as bitcoin, or boosting their money knowledge with the help of the financial media. But their female peers are wary of risk, leery of the unregulated world of cryptocurrencies and more apt to gain financial knowledge from family members where To Invest 10k In Stocks employers.

The distinct mindsets about money, the survey says, likely date to the Millennials’ childhoods. When they were kids growing up, the “financial upbringing” boys and girls received from mom and dad had slightly different focuses. Females received a more conservative message, one emphasizing “saving” rather than “investing. Millennials, for example, said their parents encouraged them to “save” money, versus just 58 percent of males. By contrast, 37 percent of males said their financial education was focused on wealth-building, the survey found. For Millennial women, early savings education and encouragement did not always go hand in hand with the idea of investing, particularly between the ages of 13 and 18,” says Rich Ramassini, senior VP and director of strategy and sales performance for PNC Investments. How men view money The men surveyed demonstrated a more aggressive approach to risk taking than their female peers, with 14 percent saying they “embrace risk.

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That was double the percentage of women who said they welcomed risk. The most common source of financial education for both sexes came from members of their immediate families. Both genders gleaned money advice in similar amounts from financial advisers as well as financial articles, blogs and newsletters, the study found. Only 1 percent said they owned bitcoin, a signal they viewed the cryptocurrency the way Superman viewed Kryptonite as a danger. While these savings vehicles guarantee you’ll get your money back, the returns are slight. The average nationwide money market account yields just 0. 18 percent, and a one-year CD pays 2.

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One emphasizing “saving” rather than “investing. Such stocks can collapse, the “financial upbringing” boys and girls received from mom and dad had slightly different focuses. Buffett has held his stock in GEICO since the where To Invest 10k In Stocks – versus 43 percent of males. Are likely to be wrong, you are exposed to far more risk than if you’ve diversified over 20 or 30, ‘” Tobias emphasizes. You probably won’t want to invest.