Where To Invest If Bull Run Ends Nowadays

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The following stories are the most recent transmissions from ESPN. 6 Mississippi St rallies to beat No. BITCOIN UPDATE: BEAR MARKET RALLY OR BULL MARKET START? Get the balanced, objective analysis you need to profit from timing moves in the stock market, gold, precious metals, commodities, treasuries, bonds or forex! Analysis has suggested strongly that trends in force going back to 2011 and 1980 and 1949 and the underlying structures supporting them are in process of being reversed and supplanted. Continued developments since the last report in July have tended to confirm this analysis. Since the closing of the gold window by Nixon there have been prominent and persistent voices which warned that fundamentally flawed financial system conditions would lead to long term catastrophe for the US and global economy.

Those voices reached a crescendo during the serial market crises of 2000-2011. Now, after a 9 year rise in US stock markets, such cautionary narratives are difficult to find. In this report we will study the long term technical view of markets and set aside any assumptions about the future. Technical analysis is both a science and an art, and applying appropriate measures of each, let’s tune into the message of the markets with an open mind. Is a significant secular shift possible at this juncture? Is it time to consider the possibility that the existing financial, economic and policy paradigm is no longer sustainable and due for dislocation and reversal?

Has the epoch of central banking Financialism run its course? This study tends to support the general notion that now is the time for investors to be asking questions about the viability of the long term trend. It also supports the analysis that the bull market started in the 2011 time frame. It shows us consistently that it is the trend from 2011 that traders need to keep a watchful eye upon as well as the 50 week EMA. P 500, from November 2016 through January 2018.

The NASDAQ 100 is surging today following the Democrats retaking the House. Just days ago, President Trump threatened to file anti-trust cases against the big tech companies and claim they were monopolies. Investors believe that the Democrats will neutralize that threat in the near-term. Does anybody here follow the Uranium sector?

Talk about a bear market and excellent risk-reward for anyone with patience and a longer time horizon? The fundamentals are incredibly bullish and demand has begun to outstrip supply. I welcome any discussion on Uranium. The reason for this bounce was easily predicted by pro traders.

If you connect the lows of the stock over the last 6 months, the lows all line up perfectly. As you know, all of the leading video game developers have been under selling pressure since October 2018. The stock price is currently forming a classic bear flag pattern. Please sign up or sign in to complete this step. P, Dow and Nasdaq all down more than 4. Nasdaq Composite ends lower by 3.

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