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Founded in 1992 as one of the first private equity fund placement agents, we have completed over 150 fundraisings on five continents and advised on the transfer of more than 2,600 secondary positions in private equity funds. Triago has also undertaken more than 50 strategic advisory mandates for GPs and LPs looking to launch, boost, or why Invest In Global Equity Fund PE fund operations. Our publication that delivers unique insight into trends and developments in Private Equity. Sign up to read our latest edition and receive notifications of future publications. The Triago Quarterly invites leading business figures to comment and exchange ideas on key questions facing the world of private equity. It’s counterintuitive, but covenant-lite loans have positively impacted fund performance and the ability of challenged private equity-backed companies to bounce back.

Not all real assets always work as an inflation hedge, so that shouldn’t be a principle reason why investors buy them. Organizational stability and generational transition were always risks that the industry needed to address, but the 2008 financial crisis amplified this. An average annual return of slightly more than 10 percent on secondaries is realistic in this new world. In 2000 there were 741 active venture capital GPs, and today there are 357. Those figures are a better indicator of the opportunity to make good returns today than lagging indexes.

Changing rules for corporate competition is the most risky thing in the directive for private equity and for the European economy. In such a complicated investment class, you should be devoting years to getting to know managers before you invest with them. In many Latin American countries you’ll find truly exciting PE investments cropping up independently of macroeconomics. As an LP, we don’t try to adjust the risk profile of our existing private equity portfolio because GPs and portfolio company managements already do that. Acquisitions of smaller managers can be an attractive way for big managers to get access to sought after sector expertise.

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Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa may make a better return than Asian investments, but investors need greater expertise, more local understanding and a bigger dollop of patience than what was required in Asia. Macro-economic issues and market volatility should not impact a good general partner’s ability to produce superior long-term returns. Globally, one of the most interesting developments of recent years is the collapse of European barriers to successful venture capital investing. Europe offers the prospect of 3x returns for fund investors for the first time. We tell our investors that as the second largest economy in the world, China today is just a small step away from being the biggest. Understanding the big picture helps bring home the depth of the opportunity set in China.

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If you look at the relative promise of developed markets versus emerging markets, the latter are on every level where I want to be going forward. The issue of doing deals for fee flow is linked with secondary buyouts, which reached the shocking record of nearly 60 percent of total buyout value in 2010. One of the keys to investing success is only take stakes in start-ups in markets that really are as big as the entrepreneurs’ vision. That keeps business plans and investment burn rates in line with the opportunity. Scale can’t be underestimated when it comes to China’s appeal, in particular in relation to the country’s venture capital market. The way to successfully deal with the different economics of buyer, seller and manager in a secondary market restructuring is through total transparency regarding everyone’s aims. There’s a degree of irony in reducing the relative importance of judgment to a percentage, but I’d say seventy percent of your final decision is based on qualitative judgments and only thirty percent on numbers you can crunch.

Recapitalizing general partners who have had trouble monetizing assets post-financial crisis, and who can’t raise capital in a traditional manner, could become a large part of secondary market volume in the next few years. Another big challenge today is communications. At the best-run firms, the once generally accepted ad-hoc approach to investor relations has morphed into a formal, broad public relations function. It might make sense to follow an index strategy in asset classes where the difference between the best and the worst is small, but spending time and money to weight your portfolio towards exceptional managers will always be the surest way to achieve optimum returns in private equity. Private equity is one of the few viable alternatives for companies seeking growth capital in Latin America. If you apply common sense it’s hard to imagine a scenario where the risks of investing in China outweigh the promise.